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Our Story

Tricia and Amanda have known each other, well, for their whole lives. They are sisters who have enjoyed learning and growing together. After years of circumventing each other in similar educational positions, they found themselves working together to help support students with diverse learning needs in a variety of settings. After years of collaboration, they have decided to put their brains together to create a comprehensive resource for caregivers looking for ways to help support their children both at home and in conjunction with school based supports. 

Combined, the two have over three decades of service in the education field within general education, special education, student support services, and as building administrators. Tricia and Amanda thrive on thinking outside of the box to find creative strategies aimed at making even the most abstract of learning goals tangible and achievable for all learners. Their goal is to be a comprehensive resource for parents and caregivers, helping them nurture their children’s potential both at home and in collaboration with schools, so every student can achieve their best.

Amanda Brenner, Ed.S., NCSP

Amanda graduated from Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) with a bachelor’s degree (BA)  in special education. She worked as a special education teacher in early childhood, middle school, and high school classrooms. She pursued her Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in and Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degrees in Educational Psychology at National-Louis University ( Skokie, IL) As a school psychologist, Amanda focused on integrating learning strategies for all students into all  settings and implemented new and improved programming both during the school day and through extracurricular activities aimed at improving students’ interpersonal and self-regulation skills. Amanda continued on to earn a second M.Ed. focused on school leadership from Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago, IL). During her time as a public school administrator, Amanda led a high school special education department focusing on improving teaming and problem solving practices that promoted and encouraged school/family collaboration. Amanda also worked to improve data collection and reviewed existing systems to ensure use of research based practices and encouraged regular reflection to improve instructional strategies.

Amanda has experience teaching children of all ages in the areas of math, reading, science, and English focusing on learning strategies and executive functioning skills to strengthen the learning process. She has a thorough understanding of evaluation techniques, data interpretation, special education law, rules, and regulations, as well as the important work of developing a well-rounded individual with strong interpersonal and problem solving skills. Amanda is passionate about enabling students and parents to be strong advocates for themselves and their families. She believes that the most successful school/family partnerships are rooted in strong, open communication, creative problem solving, and ensuring that all members of the team are able to contribute ideas and be heard. 

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys spending her free time with her two dogs and her husband, getting outside with them whenever possible. You’re most likely to find them on a lake somewhere. She loves reading, crafting, gardening, and cooking. Amanda recently moved to the Oconomowoc area and is enjoying the opportunity to explore Lake Country, the state parks, and the public hiking trails.

Tricia Tisworth, M.Ed.

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Amanda Brenner

School Psychologist specializing in learning and behavior strategies to help students learn and succeed.

  • IEP review and evaluation
  • Strategies for learning in school or at home
  • Strategies for behavioral plans in school or at home

Tricia Tisworth

Special Education teacher and advocate specializing in learning skills and strategies.

  • rTi strategies and learning plans
  • executive functioning plans and strategies
  • Organization skills
  • Practical self reliance
  • Science learning and testing strategies